Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Would YOU Answer This?

Sun Kissed Boy #1. He's imaginative, creative, and inquisitive. He asks question. LOTS of questions. He wants to absorb everything. His questions can be considered typical of a ten year-old. When he was into comic books, he asked about the history of Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, etc. When he was watching the Miami Heat playoffs, he asked about the players, what were their stats, did they play for other teams before, etc.   

I'm used to the questions. I'm used to pulling up Google to answer some most of the them. But here's one not easily found on search engines. Here's one I wasn't prepared to hear from a ten year-old, much less prepared to answer.

Before I tell you the question, a little history. SKB #1 is going through a stage where he's afraid of sleeping alone in his room. After all, there's boogie men in his closet and goblins under the bed. Having gone through the same at his age, the other night, I explained to him how normal the fear is and it is something he will outgrow. During that conversation, I reassured him he was safe. He had mommy and daddy to keep him safe. But most important, he had God to watch over him and keep him safe.

He paused and digested what I had said.

SKB#1: Mom, you know how all those people died at the Batman movie shooting? 

Me: Yes.

SKB#1: You know how all those people died on 9/11?

Me: Yes.

SKB#1: Why wasn't God watching over them?

Color me stunned. 

My answer? "Uuuuhhhhh". I kid, even tough that was going through my mind at first. I was honest and told him that I didn't really know. That there are questions related to our surroundings and the roll that God plays that we don't always know or understand. That we may never know or understand. That that's when faith comes in.

Even though the question stomped me, I am grateful to have a boy that is so thoughtful. 

This is a conversation I want to revisit with him. So I am curious, how would YOU have answered his question?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Lake Adventures

Our road trip during summer vacation was all about new adventures. One of the ones the boys enjoyed the most involved fast-moving water fun. First, there was tubing, which was a new experience for them.  

Sun Kissed Boy #3 patiently waited his turn.

Then, came in the jet skis!

Fast-paced, water fun! That's just what vacations are made of! 
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today We Celebrate

I have stories and lots of pictures from our Road Trip to still share. But not today. Today we celebrate the fifth year of this loving little face and his thirst for adventures.  

Today we will celebrate as he wears his signature hat.

Today we celebrate the crooked little smile that melts my heart.

He marches to the beat of his own drum.

It's a wonderful sound. Today we celebrate life.

Happy Birthday, my little bear!
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