Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Would YOU Answer This?

Sun Kissed Boy #1. He's imaginative, creative, and inquisitive. He asks question. LOTS of questions. He wants to absorb everything. His questions can be considered typical of a ten year-old. When he was into comic books, he asked about the history of Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, etc. When he was watching the Miami Heat playoffs, he asked about the players, what were their stats, did they play for other teams before, etc.   

I'm used to the questions. I'm used to pulling up Google to answer some most of the them. But here's one not easily found on search engines. Here's one I wasn't prepared to hear from a ten year-old, much less prepared to answer.

Before I tell you the question, a little history. SKB #1 is going through a stage where he's afraid of sleeping alone in his room. After all, there's boogie men in his closet and goblins under the bed. Having gone through the same at his age, the other night, I explained to him how normal the fear is and it is something he will outgrow. During that conversation, I reassured him he was safe. He had mommy and daddy to keep him safe. But most important, he had God to watch over him and keep him safe.

He paused and digested what I had said.

SKB#1: Mom, you know how all those people died at the Batman movie shooting? 

Me: Yes.

SKB#1: You know how all those people died on 9/11?

Me: Yes.

SKB#1: Why wasn't God watching over them?

Color me stunned. 

My answer? "Uuuuhhhhh". I kid, even tough that was going through my mind at first. I was honest and told him that I didn't really know. That there are questions related to our surroundings and the roll that God plays that we don't always know or understand. That we may never know or understand. That that's when faith comes in.

Even though the question stomped me, I am grateful to have a boy that is so thoughtful. 

This is a conversation I want to revisit with him. So I am curious, how would YOU have answered his question?

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4 Sunny Notes:

Unknown said...

God was there. He is always there.
But because we have been given the ability to choose, sin has entered our world (Adam & Eve).
Those events were not of God, but of the choices made by MAN. Those people who caused these terrible tragedies may know God, but are not filled with God.
It's a tough question & you are so right that faith is very important.
I don't pretend to understand it all either, but I know & believe in my heart that God is real. I have a personal relationship with Him. Tell SK Boy #1 that I am 52 years old & I have a list a mile long of questions I want to ask God when I join Him in my heavenly home someday!
In the meantime, I will trust in Him & have faith that HE is watching over me!

Cassie Bustamante said...

i am pretty much going to ditto what patti said- she said it better than i could have. :)

Sadie said...

Same here with Patti. God is always there. There will be things we can't explain- that's why there's faith. We can't see Him there, but we feel Him there. Sin is what caused it, not God. Also, I believe that when we get to Heaven those questions won't matter. We will be in AWE of Him! :)

AC said...

Everything happens for a reason and exactly how it is supposed to happen even when we don't understand why right away. Joy or sadness, good or bad... these are feelings we have about what happens because we are human and we are connected and we care about each other. When people, pets etc. die regardless of how or when, they have completed the journey God has intended for them in their physical bodies. In the time they are here in body, they will have touched other's lives in many tiny and big ways and sometimes even in death, they impact the world around them and the people who knew them or even people who may have never met them. The lesson from the tragedies that SKB1 asked about is to love each other, be compassionate and kind, forgive people and don't be afraid in life because God wants us to love each other and learn from each other and grow and when it's time to leave our bodies and become spirit again, we want to make sure that we have made the most of our journey and touched as many people's lives in positive ways as we could by being kind, loving and caring. It might help to find a story of someone who died but because of their life's story or circumstance, many people's lives were changed for the better. Then it might be easier to explain how sometimes something "bad" for one family can lead to something really life changing and positive for another, but we don't always hear about it or know about it. Example? My friend Sasja died in a car accident right after graduating college. Her friends and family were devastated, but she had signed up to be an organ donor years earlier on her drivers license form and when she died, the doctors were able to save several other people's lives with her organs. Her spirit of love and selfless giving will live on in these people who will bless many other people's lives multiplying those blessings over and over. So much good came from something that seemed so bad and felt so sad and senseless at the time. It's all perfect as God intends it even if it feels bad when it happens which is where our faith comes in. We have to trust that it is all in God's plan and that we and others will be blessed in some way at some moment and that we may not understand the big picture, but God does. Also you can tell him that we never really leave forever because our bodies die but our spirit lives infinitely in another form and we will ultimately be reunited someday when we have completed our own journey so the people who died in those events will see their friends and family again too someday. <3