Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quick DIY Labeled Dresser Project

This isn't a pretty-pictures-before-and-after project. If that's what you're after today, you might as well leave now. This is a quick DIY out of pure frustration.

I am sure I've mentioned in the blog before how much I dislike laundry. If I haven't or you're new here, let me tell ya, I dislike laundry A LOT! I will usually have a pile, or two, or three waiting to be loaded in some kind of spin cycle. To alleviate my pain To teach the boys responsibility, I started having them put away their own clothes. Last night, time ran away from me and I didn't have clothes folded while they were awake so I put the clothes away while they were sleeping. 

When I opened up Sun Kissed Boy #1's drawers, they were a mess! T-shirts were shoved with jeans, PJs were put away with shorts. Crazy, I tell you! I took all of the clothes out, refolded them, and put them away neatly. T-shirts with t-shirts, shorts in a drawer, swimming trunks in another.

Keeping it this way is the challenge. So there wouldn't be any reasons for SKB #1 to not get the right article of clothes in the right drawer, I labeled the drawers. I used a Chalk Ink Pen and wrote away. 
I was so determined to get this done that if his dresser were white, I think I would have just grabbed a Sharpie and gone to town with that.

Here's how the dresser looked after I finished. Nothing fancy. As a matter a fact, some of the words are slanted. But I'm hoping that this will help him keep his clothes a bit more tidy. Or at least shoved in the right drawer.
Of course, I haven't been able to test if the labels are helping in keeping things organized because I haven't done laundry since. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Split Chin, Football, and Stomach Flu, Oh My!

The three active Sun Kissed Boys, somehow have managed to avoid broken bones (knock on wood). However, this does not mean that they've been incident-free. Recently, Sun Kissed Boy #2 slipped..., while kicking a football..., in the house..., which has very hard terrazzo floors..., with just-out-of-the-tub wet feet..., and landed on his chin. Ouch! 

But not to worry. He was a trooper and was out playing shortly after our ER visit. As a matter a fact, the following day he was tossing a football (no kicking this time) when we went to watch the Dolphins play.

It felt like it was 120 degrees out that day and this is how they looked by the 3rd quarter. 

Little did we know that we would ALL soon be looking like the above photos. By the middle of last week, everyone in the house had a stomach virus. Do you know how hard it is to have both mommy and daddy sick at the same time as the kids are? But as God would have it, Sun Kissed Husband seemed to have little bursts of energy when I lacked it, and vice versa, giving us enough strength to take care of our little ones.

Everyone is all good now and we're back to our regular routines. And boy, are we ever glad for routines?! 
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Catching the Light

Out of over 4,000 some miles of our summer trip, I drove only 100. Sun Kissed Husband drove the rest. That left a lot time in my hands. So what did I do with all that free time? Take pictures, of course! I had some time to think about the light in my photographs, play around with different lenses, and catch some wonderful pictures at that golden hour. The golden hour is right before the sunsets where the sky takes on a beautiful glow and so do the subjects.   

I hope you enjoyed the stories and photos of our "little" road trip. I have posted them very scattered but if you want to catch up, I have bundled right here for you. Your welcome. :)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Meeting the Cousins

8 States.
4,346.2 miles.
Countless smiles. 

If you're thinking we were nutty to drive that far with a 10, 6 and 5 year-old, you'd be right. But I have to give the boys credit, they behaved wonderfully! Turns out if you outfit your car with a TV, a Wii, and junky snacks, you're good to go. Somehow with those things, we found the perfect balance of entertainment but still had times of family talks, games, and even singing.  

It wasn't our intention to meet up with the cousins in this trip. But the great thing about a road trip with a very loose itinerary is being able to make a u-turn at a moment's notice. So we headed to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to join them. 

They connected immediately.  

It didn't take them long to share s'mores by the fire, catch frogs in a bucket, and go on spooky walks through the woods with only the light of the moon & flashlights. 

It was sweet to see them bond. 

The cousins' ages range from 4 to 14. The oldest cousin is a beautiful, adventurous girl and an avid reader. At least until little hands snatched her book. :)

They had tons of fun together which made out trip so worth the miles.

The cousins showed off their tricks...

... and the Sun Kissed Boys showed off theirs, which included scary faces and who could scream the loudest. 

But best of all, they shared wonderful moments. 

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School Shopping

I have to hand it to my boys, they like to shop AND they have great taste. When I told them we were heading to our go-to-store for clothes, The Children's Place, they were actually looking forward to it! They browsed and perused pointing out the things they liked. These are some of the graphic tees they were admiring.

Ultimately, this is what they came home with and wore the first day of school. (No, I did not ask Sun Kissed Boy #3 to pose. This is just what he does when the camera comes out. Ham!)

The boy loves wearing hats. It didn't surprise me when he picked out this adorable corduroy sport hat.

Sun Kissed Boy #1 likes to layer his clothes. However, he was reluctant to let me take photos. He's now a fifth-grader, after all. He was being silly on the shot on the right which actually shows off the plaid shirt he was sporting. Eventually, he gave in and let me shoot one of what he was wearing underneath, the Marvel comic graphic tee.  

The younger two Sun Kissed Boys wanted backpacks with matching lunch boxes. They chose these because, according to them, they are WICKED COOL!!

No, it doesn't escape me that the backpack is almost as big as my kindergartener. The school requires regular size backpacks and he's... well, x-small still.  ;)

The clothes in this post worn by the Sun Kissed Boys was courtesy of 
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