Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School Shopping

I have to hand it to my boys, they like to shop AND they have great taste. When I told them we were heading to our go-to-store for clothes, The Children's Place, they were actually looking forward to it! They browsed and perused pointing out the things they liked. These are some of the graphic tees they were admiring.

Ultimately, this is what they came home with and wore the first day of school. (No, I did not ask Sun Kissed Boy #3 to pose. This is just what he does when the camera comes out. Ham!)

The boy loves wearing hats. It didn't surprise me when he picked out this adorable corduroy sport hat.

Sun Kissed Boy #1 likes to layer his clothes. However, he was reluctant to let me take photos. He's now a fifth-grader, after all. He was being silly on the shot on the right which actually shows off the plaid shirt he was sporting. Eventually, he gave in and let me shoot one of what he was wearing underneath, the Marvel comic graphic tee.  

The younger two Sun Kissed Boys wanted backpacks with matching lunch boxes. They chose these because, according to them, they are WICKED COOL!!

No, it doesn't escape me that the backpack is almost as big as my kindergartener. The school requires regular size backpacks and he's... well, x-small still.  ;)

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Cassie Bustamante said...

um, does that chimp in the hat shirt come in my size?