Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quick DIY Labeled Dresser Project

This isn't a pretty-pictures-before-and-after project. If that's what you're after today, you might as well leave now. This is a quick DIY out of pure frustration.

I am sure I've mentioned in the blog before how much I dislike laundry. If I haven't or you're new here, let me tell ya, I dislike laundry A LOT! I will usually have a pile, or two, or three waiting to be loaded in some kind of spin cycle. To alleviate my pain To teach the boys responsibility, I started having them put away their own clothes. Last night, time ran away from me and I didn't have clothes folded while they were awake so I put the clothes away while they were sleeping. 

When I opened up Sun Kissed Boy #1's drawers, they were a mess! T-shirts were shoved with jeans, PJs were put away with shorts. Crazy, I tell you! I took all of the clothes out, refolded them, and put them away neatly. T-shirts with t-shirts, shorts in a drawer, swimming trunks in another.

Keeping it this way is the challenge. So there wouldn't be any reasons for SKB #1 to not get the right article of clothes in the right drawer, I labeled the drawers. I used a Chalk Ink Pen and wrote away. 
I was so determined to get this done that if his dresser were white, I think I would have just grabbed a Sharpie and gone to town with that.

Here's how the dresser looked after I finished. Nothing fancy. As a matter a fact, some of the words are slanted. But I'm hoping that this will help him keep his clothes a bit more tidy. Or at least shoved in the right drawer.
Of course, I haven't been able to test if the labels are helping in keeping things organized because I haven't done laundry since. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.
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2 Sunny Notes:

Karena said...

Yanet what a cool idea! I need to tell my granddaughter about this. Her bedroom is a hot mess! She needs organizing!

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Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I think this is a great idea! You know, my 23 year old could use a little help just like that. He does do his own laundry. It's just getting him to get it done that drives me batty. Pray that kid gets a job soon!