Monday, September 10, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Catching the Light

Out of over 4,000 some miles of our summer trip, I drove only 100. Sun Kissed Husband drove the rest. That left a lot time in my hands. So what did I do with all that free time? Take pictures, of course! I had some time to think about the light in my photographs, play around with different lenses, and catch some wonderful pictures at that golden hour. The golden hour is right before the sunsets where the sky takes on a beautiful glow and so do the subjects.   

I hope you enjoyed the stories and photos of our "little" road trip. I have posted them very scattered but if you want to catch up, I have bundled right here for you. Your welcome. :)

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1 Sunny Notes:

Completely Coastal said...

The "golden hour" is my favorite time of the day!! Lovely shots!!