Friday, September 7, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Meeting the Cousins

8 States.
4,346.2 miles.
Countless smiles. 

If you're thinking we were nutty to drive that far with a 10, 6 and 5 year-old, you'd be right. But I have to give the boys credit, they behaved wonderfully! Turns out if you outfit your car with a TV, a Wii, and junky snacks, you're good to go. Somehow with those things, we found the perfect balance of entertainment but still had times of family talks, games, and even singing.  

It wasn't our intention to meet up with the cousins in this trip. But the great thing about a road trip with a very loose itinerary is being able to make a u-turn at a moment's notice. So we headed to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to join them. 

They connected immediately.  

It didn't take them long to share s'mores by the fire, catch frogs in a bucket, and go on spooky walks through the woods with only the light of the moon & flashlights. 

It was sweet to see them bond. 

The cousins' ages range from 4 to 14. The oldest cousin is a beautiful, adventurous girl and an avid reader. At least until little hands snatched her book. :)

They had tons of fun together which made out trip so worth the miles.

The cousins showed off their tricks...

... and the Sun Kissed Boys showed off theirs, which included scary faces and who could scream the loudest. 

But best of all, they shared wonderful moments. 

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1 Sunny Notes:

Unknown said...

ALL of our vacations have been by car having spent most of our spring breaks driving from southwestern Michigan to the Gulf Shores of Florida! My boys' are grown & moved on now, but they ALWAYS talk about those trips.
Cramming all our gear into totes, car toppers, coolers, along with our 2 boys & always 2 of their buddies.
Hope you enjoyed your trip through Pure Michigan!