Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Craft: Counting and Adding with Pepperoni Pizza

When I cut out the mouth for the Pac Man toy, the boys pointed out how it looked like a pizza slice.

That gave me an idea that will help Sun Kissed Boy #2 with math and Sun Kissed Boy #3 with counting. Pepperoni pizza!

I had some leftover red fabric from the Captain Underpants costume I made a couple of years ago. I cut small circles to use for the "pepperoni". 

Sun Kissed Boy #2 loves using the slices of pizza by adding and subtracting with the pepperoni.  

On the other hand, Sun Kissed Boy #3 does not like that the flip side of each pepperoni has numbers. He's not a fan of academics. 

After seeing his older brother adding with the pizza slices, Sun Kissed Boy #3 is warming up a little bit more to the counting idea. A little bit. 

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