Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Soaking Them All In

There are times that I can stare at the boys for really long periods of time. Since they wouldn't sit long enough for me to do that, I've been having the lens soak in all the little details about them at this point in their lives that I don't ever want to forget. Things like these gorgeous lashes or that intense look. 

The way the two littlest Sun Kissed Boys lovingly play with one another.

Even though it might be hard to believe, 10 years from this day, perhaps I won't remember the day that they both were loving on me.

The oldest Sun Kissed Boy is a daily reminder of how fast these times pass. He's only ten and almost looks like a teenager. However, having his lovey next to him is a clear indication that he's not.

I can't slow down the time. But I can freeze-frame their nooks and crannies or the precious moments with just a click or two or fifty.

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2 Sunny Notes:

Renee said...

It's a good thing you realize that! Many people don't. I love spending time with my sweet boys, too. Just remember that while you navigate through the terrible teens, they come back! I so enjoy spending time with my college age son...it's different for sure, but just as wonderful.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You are so lucky that you have this blog to mark all these great moments. I wish I had mine when my boys were small. Such beautiful photos too!