Thursday, November 1, 2012

When I said 'Yes'


Riiiing, riiiing.

Me: Hello?

SKHusband: Do you know what today is?

I immediately started wrecking my brain to think what momentous occasion I had forgotten. It wasn't a birthday or a wedding anniversary. I had checked my calendar earlier in the day and didn't see anything scheduled that I was late for. Then I remembered.

It seems like a lifetime ago but only 19 years have passed. The memory replays in my mind like a movie. It was an unusually breezy and crisp cool day. The kind that we don't get very often in October in South Florida.

We lived in a small apartment on a golf course. A golf course where we often took after-dinner walks. Walks where we talked about our days and schedules. On this particular day, we talked about our future a lot. Sun Kissed Husband seemed nervous. More reflective but he also spoke of times to come. Our time to come. Together. Grow old together. That's when he said what had been really on his mind. A question. A simple, four-word question. Its answer changed the path of our lives forever. "Will you marry me?"

I remembered that it was 19 years ago when I said "YES"!

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1 Sunny Notes:

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

And aren't you glad you did?
It's fun to remember days like that, isn't it?