Friday, December 14, 2012

Empty Desks

Every morning, when I awake, I pray. I thank God for another day and I pray for the well-being of my kids. This might be the routine for a lot of parents. Perhaps parents from Newtown, Connecticut. Perhaps parents that sent their little ones off to Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. But I can bet a million bucks that when they prayed, never in their wildest dreams did they think that the "well-being" included being safe from a deranged gunman coming into their school for a shooting spree.

I spent all day volunteering at the boys' school. I was in and out of classrooms all day. When I left, I finally had a few moments to catch up on where I unfortunately get most of my current events, Facebook. Feed after feed was about how disheartened my friends were about what had happened in Connecticut. Sun Kissed Husband called at that moment and filled me in on the details. My heart sank.  

I immediately turned on the news. While I was listening to how the horrific story unfolded, I didn't notice that little ears were around. Sun Kissed Boy #2 said, "I'm glad I didn't go to that school". Sun Kissed Boy #3 said, "I can't believe somebody shoot a bunch of little kids!" I think they both expressed my thoughts.

Tonight my husband talked to the boys about what to do if a gunman came to their school. ...what to do if a gunman came to the school. Did I just write that? Did we just have to do that? Apparently so. 

This Monday there will be an empty classroom full of empty desks. But it's nothing like the emptiness in the heart of the families of the victims. Their pain is unimaginable. 

I realize that I am all over the place with this post. My thoughts are rambled. I can't wrap my head around our world at times. This isn't a post to solve anything or try to explain. It's to urge us all to pray to whatever or whoever you believe in. Pray for the victim's families. Pray for their strength, healing, sanity. And while you're at it, pray for a better world.    

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Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

We were on our way to pick up our #3 from college when I heard about this tragedy. It doesn't seem to matter the age of our kids, the horror is all around. From Columbine, to VA Tech to Sandy Hook. I was reading updates to my husband in the car, trying to hold back tears. When my kids were little I had to try to explain the Jon Benet Ramsey case to them. The fear that someone would come into your home was overwhelming. I hate that you now have to explain this all to your boys. Schools should feel safe, just like your home.