Friday, December 14, 2012

Letters to Santa

It's the time of year where the boys start making their lists to have the man with the bag check it twice. This year, in a very unplanned sort-of-way, they all chose very different ways to relate their message to Mr. Claus.    

Sun Kissed Boy #3 didn't write a letter. He whispered his Christmas list to Christopher the Elf. After all, he tells Santa everything, right? It was a sweet and magical moment to watch. I was thankful to have my camera handy.     

Sun Kissed Boy #2 preferred to go a little more high tech to get his wish list to Kris Kringle. The funny part was that he actually wrote everything out before he e-mailed it. That's his disposition, very methodical. 

Finally, Sun Kissed Boy #1 chose to write a letter. An actual pencil to paper letter! Even though he thoroughly enjoys the comforts of technology, a big part of him loves nostalgia. He's a romantic and his choice of communication to St. Nick shows it. 

It amazed me how each method of communication matched their personalities. I marveled at their uniqueness and imagination. It reminded me how kids can make the most ordinary things seem remarkable.   
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2 Sunny Notes:

Kelli W said...

What sweet memories to have! I've never seen the email option before...that's pretty neat!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

So adorable, each in its own way! Glad to see some old time hand writing. I don't do that enough myself.