Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Truth of the Elf on the Shelf

Happy New Year! I know it's a little late since January is almost over. Before I completely close the chapter on our 2012 holidays, which seem to have happened a long time ago, I have one more story to share.

January 3, 2013

It was a lazy morning. The boys had no school and Sun Kissed Husband and I enjoyed a cup of coffee in bed. Then Sun Kissed Boy #1 came in. He walked in the room with a sad look. He held something tightly in his hand. "What is the meaning of this?", he said with a shaky voice waving the skinny, red and white rag doll. It was our Elf on the Shelf, Christopher. 
The very Elf that was suppose to "go away" after Christmas. The same Elf I thought I had hidden so well. The Elf that I painstakingly positioned every night during December with props borrowed from a friend and in messy places to throw the boys off, just in case they had any doubts.

I had no words for him. It was my turn to have a shaky voice. With tear-filled eyes, I turn to Sun Kissed Husband and asked him to "... take this one".

After two years of successfully putting it off, the Elf was explained and so was the Big Man he reports to. I think I took it harder than he did. 

Later that night a girlfriend texted me something to share with him that had been circulating the web. I don't know its origination but it beautifully puts into words who Santa really is. 

Next Christmas will be different. Next year, SKB #1 will help be part of the magic. That makes the rite of passage a little easier to take.

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3 Sunny Notes:

Unknown said...

What a toughie - but the letter was so very well thought out.
I especially love the part about about the capacity to believe in God.
We always told our boys that faith holds the key to so many things, even when we can't physically see what we have faith in.

Cassie Bustamante said...

aw, i think i just shed a couple of tears, too.... so bittersweet. but so magical that he will carry that torch for his brothers.

Renee said...

So sweet. I love the letter and will borrow it. So far, I still have one believer...I think. He's never said anything to us and he is 12. Although I heard him telling his older brother that reindeer do fly.