Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homework On a Box


The mere whisper of the word makes me cringe. The word immediately conjures up images of sitting next to my oldest son working on word problems that my brain can no longer comprehend let alone explain. 

Him getting frustrated. 
Me trying not to loose my patience. 
Him pulling out his hairs. 
Me growing a few more gray hairs. All for hours on end. 

So when I find something that makes homework time a little less dreadful, I jump at it.

Our neighbors recently bought a refrigerator. Knowing that the boys would get some use out of it, they gave us the box. At first, they drew pictures. Then the broken down box evolved to a place to lay for Sun Kissed Boy #1 to do his homework. 

When I suggested we do his spelling pre-test on the box, it was welcomed with all smiles. SmileS! As in more than one! He wrote down the words as I dictated them in one section and then rewrote the ones he missed in another section.

Homework on a box will not make you magically understand fractions but it might help trying to figure them out a little bit more entertaining. I think I might be stalking my local grocery store to stock up on boxes for the entire school year.

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2 Sunny Notes:

Kolein said...

This makes me SMILESSSSSSS! We do whatever we can to make life good!! Thank you for posting this!!

Boxes are truly AMAZING!

I have 2 boys. I know.


@Dayngr said...

I'm with you! Homework makes me cringe. Whining, fussing - it's all too much. Glad to see they found a creative way to get the most out of the box.