Monday, October 7, 2013

What I love About Watching the Planes Go By

It's becoming a pastime in our family to picnic by the airport and watch the airplanes land. It's not only cool to see such huge machines come in but it's free entertainment! Here are a few shots of what I also love about our time there. I love...

... how my little guy always brings me a flower to brighten my day.

... sitting next to the oldest Sun Kissed Boy and have conversations (about nothing or everything) while the littler ones play.

... that Sun Kissed Boys 1 and 2 make up games to entertain themselves.

... how Sun Kissed Boy #3 makes sure Cooper the Dog gets to enjoy himself too.

... little welcoming hands waving at airplanes coming in. 

I capture a lot of details from our lives with my camera. But I also close my eyes to soak in other details of our afternoons on the train tracks by the airport. Audible details. I find a certain comfort in the noise of a plane's powerful engines. I hear a mixture of little voices, exploding laughter, grinding of rocks against shoes, pebbles bouncing on cement, a dog's bark. I hear the little voice inside of me that reminds me to be thankful for it all.   

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