Sun Kissed Boy #1
After seven years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, Sun Kissed Husband and I had our first bundle of joy.

SKB #1 is full of personality!  Prefect example, I told him to be himself while I was taking photos for this post and this is what I got.

He is very artistic.  He routinely puts on plays (which he writes and directs) for the family.  He also loves Harry Potter, Legos, Wii, and watching television.

He’s very affectionate and it melts my heart when I see him taking care or helping his brothers.

Sun Kissed Boy #2
Three years and 364 days after the birth of SKB #1, Sun Kissed Boy #2 was born. 
This shot was not taken yesterday as the others were, but some days are good photo days, some days aren’t.  In his defense, I think it would have been a different story had SKB #1 not splattered water in his face.

SKB #2 is funny, polite, outgoing, talkative, and breath-takenly handsome (if I do say so myself).  He loves all the things that SKB #1 does because he pretty much thinks the sun rises and sets on him. 

He’s very smart.  It amazes me how quickly he picks things up.  He’s a wiz at computers!

Sun Kissed Boys #3
The funny thing about not being able to get pregnant for seven years is that you somehow start thinking that you can’t EVER get pregnant… even if you’ve already had two kids!!  One month shy of when we were going to surgically close down our baby factory, I found out I was pregnant with Sun Kissed Boy #3! 

Oh, sweet SKB #3!  He’s a monkey.  I kid you not!  He’s constantly climbing something or getting into some kind of shenanigans.  The boy will not sit still for long.  I took 249 photos to get this shot.  Most of them look like this.

But with that being said, he is incredibly tender and loves to snuggle.  He’s a little speech delayed but what he can’t say in words, he conveys in facial expressions. 

SKB #3 and I have a little routine in the mornings that involves a comfy couch, a snuggly blanket and his sippy cup.  He will be going to school shortly and I will greatly miss my little monkey.

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